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editing simple type for dropdownlist

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hi there,

I really need help!

I developed a web dynpro application with a dropdownlist, which I connected with a (simple type) field in the local dictionary.

In my Portal I enabled companies and in the field ume.tpd.companies, there are 2 values (companyA and companyB).

I can get the values of these two values ( params = UMFactory.getProperties();


Now my problem:

How can I display these two values in my dropdownlist?

Can anyone give me a code example how to "connect" the values from the ume with die data dictionary element from

which my dropdownlist gets its values?



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use the following code in the init.

ISimpleTypeModifiable myType=wdThis.wdGetAPI().getContext().getModifiableTypeOf("<NodeName>.<AttribiuteName>");

IModifiableSimpleValueSet values=myType.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();

values.put("0",<FirstValuein the Parameter>);

values.put("1",<SecondValuein the Parameter>);

and bind the "DropDownByKey: UIELement dataSource to <NodeName>.<AttribiuteName>.

Regards, Anilkumar