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Editing in SAP Companion


I have configured SAP Enable Now integration with S/4HANA for SAP Companion. I have the appropriate author role assigned with the correct permissions in Manager.

Now when I add the parameter help-editor=true in S/4HANA, I am able to see the edit icon in SAP Companion. My issue is that I do not see the + sign in the edit toolbar to create content within Companion; and also if I try to make a change to the existing hotspot and click the Save icon, I get the error message saying "Save failed". 


I have also maintained dataUrlWPB with my Manager Workarea and serviceLayerVersion=SEN to only view customer created content as required by the client.

I am sure there are some more parameters missing since I have thoroughly verified the Manager settings.

Please advise.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Parmsethi,

It sounds like you are pretty close.  Have a read of the Getting Started with SAP Companion Community post and see if you can identify your issue.  If you cannot, please add a screenshot of the actual SAP Companion configuration and a screenshot of the Workarea Permissions for the Workarea that you are linking to through SAP Companion.


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Thanks Shane for your response. I have reviewed the community post you mentioned thoroughly and it is very informative including the short videos that you are created!

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The edit mode issue got resolved and it was a combination of parameters that solved the problem.

Edit mode: 

editor = true

Custom content parameters: 

serviceLayerVersion SEN

dataUrlWPB =

Another beneficial parameter to view published content in the client Enable Now Library :

learningCenterUrl =!GR_xxxxxxxxxxx

I am still working on getting the simulations in SAP Companion to point to the published custom ones created by the client. Since we are using an extended workarea when we click on the sim, it is still pulling the standard sims for some reason. I am working with my IT team to get those URLs mentioned in the Integration Guide added to the Trusted Sites on the browser. These settings are usually maintained by the system admin and I have created a ticket for IT. Hopefully once the URLs are added, I should be able to view custom simulations from SAP Companion.

I appreciate all the support and guidance offered by the SAP Community 🐵