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Editable smartTable - export to excel issue

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Hello ,

We are trying to export data of a smart table that has few editable column in our SAPUI5 application. When we change the data in the columns and do export I am seeing the original values and not the changed value.

I could see a get call triggered when the export to excel button is clicked where it gets data from backend and export. 

is there any way to achieve the desired behavior or we have to implement our own custom export to excel functionality ?


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@appu24 Did you notice the network call when you click on the export to excel button. You might see batch calls triggered for the OData service that reads and export the data. The smart table control has export type property as either GW or UI5 client. Can you try with UI5 client.

If that still triggers odata call to get the data for export then i am afraid you have to write export logic on your own. You can refer to this for custom export.