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ECM - does ECM require a distinct content model, or can it use KPRO's

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managing file attachments in ABAP, we create a content model using Doc Modeling Workbench (DMWB). Define physical and logical docuemnts and relationships. That's used in document management service. the 'hook' to repository is provided through content managment service using a storage category.

to manage file attachments from JAVA stack, it seems i can use ECMI. I can find nothing describing how to create the content model, nor can i find an indication that the KPRO content model is used.

can you clarify, and if a distinct model is required - point me toward the docuemtnation on where/how to do that?

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The default repository which is delivered with ECMI does not require a specific content model. An application can set any arbitrary property on a document according to the model required by the application

In the future its planned to provide means to expose existing document models from 3rd party repositories through the ECMI API.