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Eclipse Sapui5 unable to get odata from sap system

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I am not able to read Data(oData) from SAP system in the sapui5 project in eclipse. I am getting the following error.

Sorry, a technical error occurred! Please try again later.

	"requestUri": "/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZDATA/$metadata?sap-language=EN",
	"statusCode": 404,
	"statusText": "Not Found",
	"headers": [],
	"body": ""

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Answers (5)

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I have successfully configured SAP Web Ide. I will use it to complete my pending task and will get back to eclipse afterwards.

Thank You everyone for your help

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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HI mharisandroid,

Please create Create an SAPUI5 Application Project (steps)

And import the ui5 project from webide and import and check the following:-

1.Eclipse project structure

2.web.xml file to setting up your proxy and onprem url

3.Index.html > ui5 resource path

4.manifest.json > url (proxy)(why?)

Run your web application localhost:8080/LocalUI5Dev/webapp/index.html


*Note from SAP
"We recommend this development environment only for experienced developers, and only for simple use cases. For all other purposes we recommend using the SAP Web IDE."

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just do yourself a favor, using web ide.

you will have more to overcome if you want to go with eclipse.

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Seems you have imported project from SAP Web IDE into Eclipse, it is breaking Project structure.

one thing is sure that you cannot run local to eclipse(I mean as web application preview), but chances are there if you deploy to server and run as server may work for you.

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'\' seems this content is not required

{"requestUri": "/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZDATA/$metadata?sap-language=EN","statusCode": 404,"statusText": "Not Found","headers": [],"body": ""}

seems not able to load odata, can you send structure of project as well, where you are proposing odata url in menifest.json or in any controllers.

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yes odata is not loading.

Getting the following error in the browser.

[ODataMetadata] initial loading of metadata failed - and getting 404 status.

i have put the odata url in manifest.json

i have attached the picture of structure of the project