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ECL VIEWER with SAP GUI 8.00 64 bit

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Hello dear community members,

I am currently working on SAP GUI packaging. This time we are using SAP GUI 8.00 64 bit but i am not getting corresponding ECL viewer 64 bit. What i see in marketplace is only 32 bit.

Do you know if i can use 32 bit with it? or what would be the approach for that?


Mohit Sahu

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Hi there, 
still no ECL Viewer for 64bit. Last info:

3343415 - ECL Viewer installation for Windows 11 Operating System:
3. ECL Viewer software is 32 bit hence ECL viewer can be integrated with SAP GUI 32 bit only. As of now 64 bit SAP GUI is not supported.

ECL Viewer 13.0 seems to be coming. In the Software Download Option the Folder for 13.0 has been made, but it's empty.
Does anyone know when ECL 13.0 for 64bit is coming ?