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ECC6.0 1st time Installation on WINDOWS.. HELP PLZ!!!

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HI Experts,

I am about to do installation of ecc6.0 on windows 1st time. so I have need help from you guys so I can get it done!! I have downloaded all the cd's..

1. What environment variables do I need and how to setup enironment variables?

2. How would I launch master cd for the installation?

3. Export cd's, there are 8 cd's, one of them exe, else are different. How would I make it working.I know in linux how to make it working not in windows.

4. What directories Do I need to create?

It will very helpful if any of the experts can reply my questions.

I really appreciate your help!


I will reward points for sure!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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but how do I setup environment variables?


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Goto <b>Control Panel</b> --> Click <b>System</b> -->Click <b>Advanced Tab</b> on the System properties --> Click <b>Environment Variables</b>

Set/Create environment variables as per the Installation Guide. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Right click on my computer and then go to properties go to -advanced -Environment variable-then click on new and put like this

variable nam :- JAVA_HOME

variable value:- installation path of java (jdk)



2.And then you have to click on system variable and choose the path click edit and click on end put ; and paste the installation path of java

Ex : ;c:\j2sdk1.4.2_11\jre\lib\security



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks for your reply. But I cant figure out. Can you please tell me manually?


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1. You check the hardware and software requirements [page 43].

2. You check the Windows file system [page 54].

3. You check the Windows domain structure [page 54].

4. If required, you reduce the size of the file cache [page 55].

5. If required, you grant user rights for the installation [page 56].

6. If required, you perform a domain installation without being a domain administrator [page 57].

7. If required, you prepare the SAP system transport host [page 59].

8. You install the SAP front-end software [page 60].

9. You generate the SAP Solution Manager Key [page 61].

10. You install the Java Development Kit [page 61].

11. You prepare the installation DVDs [page 62].

12. If required, you download the installation DVDs from SAP Service Marketplace [page 64].


1. You install the MS SQL Server database software [page 67].

2. If required, you prepare your system for a Java Add-In installation [page 78].

3. You install the SAP system using SAPinst [page 79].

4. If required, you install the Application Sharing Server as a standalone unit [page 95].

<b>Post Install Steps</b>

1. You start and stop the SAP system [page 98].

2. You log on to the SAP system [page 100].

3. You install the SAP license [page 104].

4. You install the SAP Online Documentation [page 104].

5. You configure the remote connection to SAP support [page 105].

6. You perform initial ABAP configuration [page 105].

7. You apply the latest kernel and Support Packages [page 107].

8. You perform the client copy [page 108]

9. You perform a full installation backup [page 109].

10.You configure Single Sign-On with Microsoft Lan Manager SSP [page 110].

11.You configure Single Sign-On with Microsoft Kerberos SSP [page 115].

12.You perform post-installation steps for Adobe Document Services [page 120].

13.You ensure user security [page 124].

14.You check the Java documentation [page 130] for information that is relevant for running your Java system.

I hope this helps. Check guide for detailed steps.


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Check this guide

explains installation in detail.