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Hi Sapna,

I have one requirement like in stwb_work tcode i have one test plan i have some error log in that i want to see that LOG.

While iam executing the test plan i am going to start-options Ecatt screen after executing that i am able to see the ERROR LOG

Now my requirement is I dont want to go to start-options Ecatt while i am executing the test paln i want to see the Error log Directly.

i did that by clicking the log number it is directly but the problem is it is not coming for the first time of exection.

Is there any configuration settings to hide that screen or any enhancement spot to implement this.

Please sapna can u help me please this is very urgent.



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Answers (2)

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Hello Swapna,

you can distinguish 2 things here:

1.) Choosing "Execute automatic test" in STWB_2 / STWB_WORK means, eCATT testscripts will be executed, all the execution itself is logged under one number known as "LogId", as a result of execution the just generated log is displayed

2.) The link you are following when clicking on the log number as you described is only a navigation to dilspay the log of the last execution of the test. Choosing that link does NOT EXECUTE the test but only shows you the latest log.

Best regards


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Hello Swapna,

You can not see the eCATT log directly, because it is generated during the test execution. To execute a test ist is nessesary to give eCATT some start-options. Before you have executed the test package once there is no eCATT log for that given test package, because it was never created.

Hiding the start-options screen would no longer give you the opportunity to change the eCATT options. In some cases (for example for error tracking) you need to adjust this settings (play TCD in forground, let SAPGUIs open, run scripts step by step) so removing this screen is not a good thing to do.