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eCATT Doubts

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>> I have query regarding the SAPGUI recording pattern of eCATT. I could trap the messages of type 'E' ie. error and made my script to run in success mode.

But here if any message type other than 'E'(Error) occurs then SAPGUI recording will fail to handle this.

Specially when the info message or Warning message comes on enter key of any screen, which should ideally take to next screen as expected by recording, the script fails due to info or warning message. This won't be trapped also as one can specify only ONE message type in <Command Interface>. So how to overcome such situation.

>> There are optional screens which don't come in normal execution but are recorded only due to possible scenarios. Is there is any way of making the SAPGUI recording screens optional to make the execution flow independent of any fixed scenarios.

>> Again, is it possible to speed up the SAPGUI by changing the default time which the system takes, while running SAPGUI recording, for each step. (eg. enter key is automatically pressed after the customer number on screen, then next screen and so on. The time taken for pressing the enter key is default by system)

SAPGUI Patch level 44

Release 6.20

Thanks & Regards.

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Is your problem solved ?

My view on your queries is

1. RE the message trap :-

I could able to trap messages of type w-warning and S-success. all you need to parameterise it.

2. Regarding the screen mismatch:-

Certain screen mismatches could be overcome by using the RESCON Cmd.

Certain screen mismactches that happens due to scenario could be overcome by recordin al possible scenarios and use if else condition to call that corresponding recorded script by REF cmd.