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EarlyWatch Alert Task not scheduled in SDCCN

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In my satellite system's SDCCN I have the following tasks:

1. Service Preparation Check

2. Maintenance Package

I am also supposed to have a third: EarlyWatch Alert

This task is not there however. According to documentation, I have maintained the BACK_RFC and ran the job /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR. Still no luck! Any ideas?

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Answers (1)

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EWA for Solution Manager sessions are created in the solution manager,

not in the satellite system. SDCCN in the satellite system should fetch

the sessions from Solution Manager as part of the maintenance package

task. Please check than an RFC connection to Solution Manager is

maintained in SDCCN in SDCCN -> GoTo -> Settings -> Task-Specific ->

RFC Destinations -> Settings

The Solution Manager should create a new EWA session for the satellite

every week, and the maintenance package in SDCCN on the satellite

should also run regularly to pick up the new sessions.

The only kind of EWA you can create in the satellite is either

1) EWA for SAP (data is sent to SAP from the satellite system, the

data is processed by SAP, a report is placed at SAP Service Marketplace)

2) a test of data collection, the data can't be sent anywhere using


Hope it helps