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E_T_RANGE result table.

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Hello Folkes,

In bex customer exit while debugging, how to find what values populated in E_T_Range table for the code of this kind.

************sample code*********

L_S_Range-low = 'value1'.

L_S_Range-high ='value10'.

L_S_Range-opt = 'BT'.

L_S_Range-sign = 'I'.

Append L_S_Range to E_T_Range.



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Answers (2)

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Place a breakpoint In the line <b>Append L_S_Range to E_T_Range</b>. When you reach that line, press F5 for single step. When the arrow passes that line, it means E_T_Range has been populated. Click on the Table button on the upper part of the screen. Put E_T_Range in the internal table fieldthen press enter to see the entire contents.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks For the responses folkes,

I have already done that, it will simply displayes <b>I BT Value1 Value10</b>.

But I looking for <b>ALL</b> the values E_T_Range table has when BT option is used.

Suppose there are 3 values in between Value1 and value 10, ie Value 4, value7, value8. I want to see these values.

Any help will be highly appreciated

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Hello Gurus,

Please shed some light on this issue.


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Hi Bi_BOY,

for better understanding: E_T_Range table never has distinct values.

In SAP, a range table can be used as a filter. That's what the IN operator is good for.

If you have a range of say

sign I

option BT

low 10

high 100

then 10 IN range is true but 110 in range is false.

In a range table you can have many lines containing filtering conditions. The lines with SIGN I (included) are combined using logical OR, the line with 'E' using logical AND.

What you see in SE16 selection screen are range tables. Try what contents will result in what selection - The database tables are filtered thru the select-option ranges.

Hope you get it!



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When the break-point breaks, just double click on E_T_RANGE and the table will be displayed, of course this table will have the same data as L_S_RANGE table checking either of them should result the same result.