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E-mail Testing

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I am little confusing in testing my Anything to E-mail scenario. When I create the Receiver Adapter, I was asked for interfaces etc, .

I know how to configure the Sender/Receiver Mail Adapter. In the Integration Directory, what do I need?.

I am assuming I need only receiver Adapter, do I need anything else?. Please provide some design tips.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raj ,

These are the following configurations in IR and ID .

Design Time

1. Create a datatype as per your source structure .

2. Create the corresponding MT for it .

3. Create a External Definition for the receiver. As your receiver is a mail you can use the SAP note :784024 XSD in your target which can be downloaded from the service Marketplace.

4. Create MI for the source and target .

5. Create Message mapping and map the fields as desired .

6. Create the Interface mapping .

Configuration time

1. Create a CS and assign the BS to your scenario .

2. Configure the Communication Channels as required and choose the Transport and Message protocols accordingly .

3. Create Receiver Determination and Interface Determination accordingly.

4. Create Sender Agreement ( Source System and its CC) and receiver Agreement ( Target System i.e Mail and its CC) .

Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Sharma .

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Raj,

As in any other case you would require to define data types, message types, message interfaces, message mapping, interface mappings in the repository depending on your scenario.

In your directory you need to configure the sender and receiver communication channel, and do the sender and receiver agreement, interface determination and receiver determination.

In particular, in the receiver communication channel you choose the mail adapter and you can choose SMTP or IMAP as the <b>transport protocol</b>, and the <b>message protocol</b> can be chosen as XIALL or XIPAYLOAD, depends on what do you want the content of your mail as. Then give your <b>connection parameters</b> url, logon info, etc



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Anything -> XI -> Mail

Design part

1. Your data types required.

2. Your MT

3. outbound (anything) and inbound (mail) interface

4. Mapping

5. Interface mapping

Once you have done with the Design part, in your configuration create a scenario + assign BS to it

1. Sender (Anything) Adapter

2. Mail receiver Adapter

3. Receiver det.

4. Interf. det.

5. Sender Agreement - involves your Sender (Anything) Adapter

6. Receiver Agreemnt - involves your Mail receiver Adapter


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Hi Raj,

You are trying an ANYTHING TO MAIL scenario, and so u need to define this ANYTHINg

If you are doing a file to mail scenario, then you will have to create the corresponsing Datatypes, Message types, Message Intergaces, Message Mapping and Interfaces mapping for your file and mail in the integration repository.

In the directory, a sender file adapter, a sender agreement, a receiver mail adapter, a receiver agareement, and receiver determination and interface mapping that will use you sender as well as receiver interface details.

Do let us know if you need any further info,