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E-mail notification in checklist for Service Request?

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HI guys,

I am configuring e-mail notification for 'Employee Responsible' in checklist for Service Request (BUS2000223).

I did all steps explained in SPRO:

However, I do not see any Workflow tasks in WebUI Home page:

And no e-mail notification is triggered neither in SBWP neither to Outlook e-mail.

Please any suggestions or assistance?

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Answers (3)

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Terrible that all these once helpful links in the comment sections become more and more useless by not leading anymore to the related articles.

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Hello Pavel,

The workflow for Service Request needs to be configured.... The configuration is mentioned in the help text in SPRO

Define Workflow Settings for Checklist


You can enable SAP Business Workflow for checklist processing so that users can be notified about the checklist steps for which they are responsible.


You have enabled the standard settings for SAP Business Workflow.


To configure the workflow template, do the following:

    1. Launch the
Workflow Builder tool (transaction SWDD).
    2. Search for the workflow template CHKLST_BTXXX, where XXX stands for the last three digits of the relevant business object number.
    For example, for workflow integration with a checklist for a service request or incident, the business object number is BUS2000223, and the workflow template is CHKLST_BT223.
    3. Choose the
Basic Data icon in the toolbar.
    4. Choose
Start Events.
    5. Make sure that the
CHKLSTSTEPSTARTED event is active.
    6. In the
Navigationarea, choose the workflow step Process Checklist Step.
    7. Display the task.
    8. Choose
Additional Data -> Agent Assignment -> Maintain.
    9. Select the task
Process Checklist Step for the relevant business object number, and choose Attributes.
    10. Ensure that
General Task is selected, and choose Transfer to confirm the selection.

To ensure that all business partners receive e-mails and work items sent by workflow, make the following settings in the Maintain Business Partner tool (transaction BP):

    1. Search for a business partner.
    2. In
Change in BP Role, choose Employee.
    3. Choose
    4. In the
Employee Data section, ensure that a valid user name is entered.

To enable workflow integration with a checklist, go to the Define Checklist Profiles view in Define Checklist Profiles, and select the Enable Workflowcheckbox for the relevant profile.

Hope this helps


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Hi Deepak,

I have already did all these steps, however nothing happens.

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Hi Pavel,

Have you checked this wiki page.... you may find some clues from this