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e-mail notification for CHARM followon documents not working

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I am back with an issue. I am using Action method SMIN_STD_MAIL (copeid in 'Z' form) from Appl. Incident Management for CHARM (7.1 Weclient ui) 'Request for change' under SMCR_ACTIONS. The condition set is '

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0001SMCRHEAD

and partner function inside method is 'SDCR0001' (Requester) /'SDCR0002'(Change Manager) . This goes very well. Notifications are coming fine with only concern is smartform 'AI_CRM_IM_SHORT_TEXT_LINK_FORM' dosen't pull out details like 'priority' or 'processor' or added text to change request. So this is being worked upon.

The issue here is, i am using same action method SMIN_STD_MAIL (copeid in 'Z' form) for SMCG and other follow on documents Action list the condition set e.g. for SMCG is

&CRM Service Process.User Status& = E0001SMCGHEAD

with partner function 'SDCD0001' (Developer)

these action scheduled are not working at all. So, i am not able to understand what stopping action method from running , even it doesnt appear in the 'scheduled actions' lis in change document.

I think either the condition written has mistake or partner function choosen is a concern as for devloper you have 2 values to select 'SDCD0001' and 'SMCD0001'.

Did anyone of you come across this situation.

Thank You.


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Hi Rupesh,

You can try by removing the partner function dependency from the action so that you can check the action is getting scheduled or not. You can just map the email recipient and check if it is working?

Then you can eliminate the doubt of whether its due to partner function issue or there is a problem with the action itself.