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Dynpro report to Web dynpro

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Hello Friends,

We have a SAP GUI Dynpro report with selet-options and ALV ( with auto refresh on Alv to retrieve new-data at given interval).

I just would like to know, if there is a way I can call a REPORT via web dynpro and set the values in report and get the data and display it in web dynpro alv table etc ?

Like the way to minimize the effor, else I have to start from starch and biuld everything in web dynpro.

So any suggestion, how I can minimize the effort ?


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I have seen the case where people have coded switches into their reports (hidden parameters) that allow the report to be run and instead of exporting the results to an ALV table, have exported the results to a memory address. Then these memory areas have been read and exported to a WD. (there are standard SAP pieces of logic that used to do this in ESS and MSS in the old ITS days)

You can just execute the report from inside the WD code and retrieve the result...

Personally I don't like this approach! I don't like using global memory area for a start! I also have tried to replace any web based reporting with POWLs - which have a different approach to selections - i.e. knowing this before the user runs the report.

I think you would be better off modularising your report so it applied the MVC paradigm - the code for the report should be broken up so that the display and selection logic (view) is separated from the extraction logic (Model) the controller logic is pretty much the report code itself - and where I have built this approach (eg a backend report and a WD report that use the same logic) I have merged the view and controller logic in the report and pretty much also done this in the WD too - but the Model is identical in both cases.

Hope this helps,


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Wich basically means that the classic dynpro has:

a selection screen

a (custom) bapi containing all the business logic (selection)

output logic (probably ALV)

if you follow that principle, turning your classic dynpro into a WDA becomes childsplay

all you need is to create a webdynpro with selection parameters, an output (table/ALV/whatever) and based on the selection, call the (custom) bapi and move the results to your context (supply method)

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I am afride to say there is no such way to call report from web dynpros.

If you want to get refreshed data why dont you write an action that triggers

on enter or on select.

I think that is easier than calling report from web dynpro and then refreshing it.

or if you find a way to do it please share in the SCN.


Regards and Best wishes.