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dynamically changing the login user id??

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Hi all,

Is there any API to change the login user id dynamically.

Like for example, we have

WDClientUser.getLoggedInClientUser().getClientUserID(); in web dynpro and

request.getUser().getUniqueID() in UME for EP.

Do we have any api to set these values??

I need to switch between different users dynamically. So i need this.

If any one is aware of such API, please let me know.



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Hi Narahari,

Please check this link. I think the API's mentioned here will help you.

<b>>> Do we have any api to set these values??</b>

These API's are for setting the values of the user you have got from the code: <b>request.getUser().getUniqueID()</b>.


I hope this will help you.

<i>(Sorry I have given you the link of all the User Management API's. I have changed that. You will specificcally require IUserAccount Interface.)</i>



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Hi hari,

Really i didn't understand wht u r asking this for ?

Why can you chage users dynamically .

If you want to acess different users info ,

MSS ( Managers Self service ) serves that purpose .

Plz Elaborate . am curious

Regards ,


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Hi J,

Could you please elaborate on MSS??

My Requirement:- I need to show admin user all the screens simillar to a particular user which he selects.

He might give user "XYZ" (in a text box which i provide) and check what all he (user "XYZ") is able to see, and later switch back to his own view and may be give some one user's id (could be "abc") next time.

So I want to know is there any way of switching login user info itself.




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Yes Narahari,

MSS is the one of the way.

An Employee say emp1 can access his personal inof by ESS,

He can see his bank data,address info etc ...

but he can't access other guys info .

But a manger can see all the underlying employees info.

Evn he no need to choose the Employees name emp1/emp2 by himself .

Team Viewer is atool which will Lists all the employees under that manager and he can view all the data of him by double clikcing his name .

For detailed info ...



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