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dynamically change the field/text box size.

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I have a report that is built as a free form. One record for 1-BOL with its details on 1 page.

I have place all my fields in detail section. The problem is with the comments section formatting.

For some records, the comments are just 1 liner, but for some its like a 3 to 4 liner paragraph.

Solution that i am looking is to have a comment box that expand and retract based on its content size.

any ideas?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Danish,

Kindly check the option Can Grow .

1.  Right click the field on report canvas.

2.  Go to format field. Select Common tab.

3.  Check the option Can grow.

- Nrupal

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I have tried that, but its working as desired. Most of the time its overlapping the other field.

what i am looking is a formula for:

When you right click an object or a Text box, you find an option Size and Position.

In that X: value and Y value, we can bind it to a formula.

I am loooking for that formula.

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Check Can Grow on the field that you want to have grow.  Then create a new section of the same time as the section the data is in (e.g., a new detail section if that's where you're displaying your data.)  Put all of the fields that appear below the one that will grow into the new section.  Size the old section so that it ends at the bottom of the text box that might expand.

This will automatically grow the text box and move the objects below it down if necessary.


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i got this formula working. I placed it at:

right click on field, choose size and position, width section formula editor i used this formula.

Note from crystal help:

Margin position is measured in twips; there are 1440 twips in an inch

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 1.00 then 1440  else

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 2.00 then 2040  else

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 3.00 then 2440  else

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 4.00 then 3040  else

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 5.00 then 3540  else

if {ProductsOrders.Quantity} = 6.00 then 4330

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