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Dynamically change Infopackage file path

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Hi, I am uploading data from a flat file to the PSA table using an infopackage. The file is stored in the application server and the file path has a folder that is system specific - /appl/A1P/INT/Inbound/orders.csv. Here, A1P refers to our production system. Whenever we refresh our Quality system from the production system, the infopackages in the Quality system also point to a file path as in production which is causing issues.

1. Is there anyway to automatically make the system choose the path /appl/A1Q/INT/Inbound/orders.csv in quality and /appl/A1D/INT/Inbound/orders.csv in Development etc?

2. Is there a Basis activity that can help achieve this?

3. As a last option I would like to explore writing an ABAP routine to change file name.

Please help!

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