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Dynamically assign field value of one structure as a field name of another structure

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Dear ABAPers,

I have an internal table/structure X (extract from Custom table ) with several fields. One of the field value of internal table/structure X is a field name of another internal table/structure Y ( extract of another custom table )

Now i need to pick the field of internal table X, perform some logic to get a value to that field and pass both the field name and field value to internal table Y..

Ex :

1. Internal table X derived from Custom table

Int Tab X :

Field 1 - Material

Field 2 - Qty

Field 3 - Value

Do some processing to get the value of "Field2" and pass the values to Internal table Y as shown below ( expected output)

Int Tab Y :

Material - XYZ

Qty - 100

Value - 10

Tried Field symbols but unable to find solution...

Need help on this logic please.
Thanks in advance...

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Unfortunately not able to interpret your information properly. Please provide a small self-contained program that does the same operations based on some constant table data.

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Sorry if my above post was confusing....

Please ignore my earlier post...

I have 3 internal tables/structures. One structure has the field name , another structure has the mapping of field name from structure X and the corresponding field value . Both the field name from structure X and and field value from structure Z should be passed on to another structure Y as an output. That's my basic requirement.

Below mentioned screenshot is my example,

With reference to the below screenshot,

First Structure ( Int Tab X) has Field names mapping

Second structure ( Int Tab Z) has Field values

Third structure ( Int Tab Y) is the expected output

Hope i'm clear ....

Any help on this would be appreciated...

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This is exactly what the responses you have already got, can be applied to. Just read them and adopt to your case.


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Answers (3)

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To work with a generic structure (whatever it comes from parameters, field symbols, dereferencements), use this:


It has been answered a lot in the forum, so I won't explain again, but maybe someone will search for you and copy an existing answer. I think there is also a blog post about working with generic data objects.

To work with an internal table, there's no complexity:

LOOP AT <itab> ...

except if you want to search one line (you need a minimal ABAP release):

itab[ ('COMPNAME') = value ]
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Not sure if I understand what you mean (after reading the beginning of your post I thought I understood, but after reading your "example" - I don't).

If 'Qty' is a value of field FIELD_2 in your table INT_TAB_X - and you want to used it to access field QTY of table INT_TAB_Y, then:

a. you need the fieldname in upper case, that is: 'QTY', not 'Qty';

b. then you can use the following statement:

assign component INT_TAB_X-FIELD_2 of structure INT_TAB_Y to <field_symbol>.

(assuming here that both your tables INT_TAB_X and INT_TAB_Y are declared with header lines).

Check F1 help on "assign component ... of structure ..." for more details.


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It seems to me this should work with Field-symbols. Check the reports