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Dynamic Visibility issue

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I am using a web service to import multiple rows of data. The number of rows is variable, but manageable (should not exceed 10 rows). I want to put 10 rows of value boxes on my canvas, and then use dynamic visibility to show only the rows with data. So if the web service brought in 2 rows of data, rows 3-10 on the canvas would be invisible.

My web service data gets populated to cells A21:H71 (I mapped to 50 rows, but again, there will usually be no more than 10 rows of data). I then created a section above that in cells A2:H12 that simply reads cells A21:H31 (That may be unnecessary duplication, Iu2019m not sure).

My value boxes on my canvas pull their data from cells in A2:H12 (columns A,B,D,F & G for each row). I want to set the dynamic visibility of all the value boxes on the canvas to only show if there is actually data. The problem is that everything I try has resulted in the value boxes being suppressed, even when there is data in the row.

Iu2019ve tried several different things. Iu2019ve set the dynamic visibility status of the first value box on the first row to A2. Then I set the dynamic visibility key to <> u201Cu201D (not equal to null). That didnu2019t work. I changed the key to <> 0 (not equal to zero) which also didnu2019t work.

I then tried changing the status to H2 (which contains a whole number) and set the key to sumsq > 0. That also doesnu2019t work. (<> 0 and <> u201Cu201Dalso didnu2019t work with the status set to H2). All of these result in the value box not displaying, even though there is web service data imported.

I reassigned the value box to get its data from A21 (first row of the actual web service data position) and tried the same dynamic visibility keys listed above. Same result.

Obviously I donu2019t understand something about how this is supposed to work. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how to correct this? If I omitted any critical info let me know, and I will update the post. Also, I don't see a way to attach my xls and xlf to this post for review.


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I'm not sure I fully understand how you want to display your data (10rows x 8 columns = 80 value cell components?!)

Have you tried separating the value you want the cell to display from the dynamic visability switch?

Maybe you should use your A2 to H12 range to set up your Dynamic visibility flags, so in A2 place something like =if(A21="","N","Y"), and set your Value cell to look at the data in A21, but your Dynamic Visibility for the value cell to check for the result of the formula in A2 and only display the value cell when the A2 = Y.

I could take a look, contact details are in my profile.



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Thanks for your reply and kind offer to take a look. The issue is resolved. I didn't understand how the key works for Dynamic Visibility. I was trying to put logic in the key box, insted of putting the logic in a column of the spreadsheet and linking the Dynamic Visibility key box to that column.

I also learned from another user that it is much easier to accomplish what I was trying to do using a spreadsheet table instead of all those value boxes.

Thanks again! Your help is appreciated!