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Dynamic Values in Text Fields

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issue is bit long. so please read carefully i'm tankfull for your time.

I make a Z copy of standard Adobe form (ISR_MSSRCF_SRQ3) and modify the from which work fine, this form contain button by the name "Select Option" which call a Web Dynpro component (HRRCF_C_POSITION).

My task is to put 2 more fields on form and when "Select option" button click these fields should be fill automatically. i'm stuck here all other standard fields fill automatically but not my custom fields

Steps which i take.

Step1: Modify the Form interface (insert 2 fields)

Step2: Modify the Form Context

Step3: Place 2 fields on From (using drag drop)

Step4: Select the Default binding ($record.JOBBRIEF.DATA[].FIELD) and ($record.JOBBRIEF.DATA[].FIELD)

when i click the button "Select option" no values diplay. Web dynpro component return the result but not getting on ADOBE FORM.

I appreciate your help and time


Farrukh Ghani

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Answers (2)

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I don't think you can do it using standard HRRCF_C_POSITION. Please read the blog [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] Popuation of the fields is done in WDA HRRCF_C_POSITION component's method CLOSE_POPUP. It doesn't know about new fiekds you added. You have to create your own WDA component and populate ypur fields.

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Thanks Oleg Sokolov, u r correct but problem is that WD already created and adobe form incorporate in it. so i can not create the WebDynpro , i'm just looking to enhance it (but still i'm unable to find in which WebDynpro this adobe form use) i appreciate ur help thanks,



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Your primary task is to identify how the other (standard) fields are pre-filled. Maybe that is some Java script triggered when a value is selected from the search help. If it is so, then you need to add some custom lines into this script so it will pre-fill your custom fields as well. Without the knowledge how exactly is the search help value used for prefilling the other fields you cannot proceed. Otto