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Dynamic text not printing in SAP Adobe form print preview

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Hi Everyone,

I had a requirement of printing dynamic text in SAP adobe form.

For ex. if user enters 100 characters, the text box size should increase and if he delete lines, text box should size should decrease.

I have achieved this functionality, including Dynamic text in Adobe form. Making the subform content as Western text.

Have made the text box as 'Expand to fit'. I have also made the form properties -> Defaults and Preview as Dynamic XML.

When I am watching the PDF preview in SFP, everything is fine. Data in text box is also flowing with No of lines.

But when I am executing the Tcode(QM02 in my case), where my form is attached and watching print preview, the above functionality of dynamic text is not working.

On entering more no of lines, a scroll bar comes and on placing the cursor outside the box, a PLUS sign appears in the box(Like in static form).

Can anyone please give me a solution to get this dynamic text functionality in Print preview also. I guess, there must be some setting through which I can acheive this. Need expert help in this.

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Hope this might be helpful to you.

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Hi Varun,

In which even should I use this script? That's not mentioned here.

Also my form in Interactive. Can I still use this script $.access = "nonInteractive"?

Cz I guess this is a Non interactive property.

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Thanks Varun,

But i found the solution to my problem.

After long hours of research and brain storming, the solution that I found was:

Along with making the form properties as Dynamic in Defaults and preview, I also had to pass 'X' in

SFPDOCPARAMS-DYNAMIC, when calling the form from driver program.

This may be helpful for others, in case anyone get such a requirement in SAP Adobe form.