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Dynamic Table!

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Hi @all.

What is the best way to display data in a column, where rows can be added. So e.g. I have 5 fix rows and a button in the toolbar to add new rows.

Is it good to use SimpleTypes?

How should it be save (save button - code??)?

Thank you

best regards

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Answers (3)

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Hi Daywalker ,

When u create a new row, all the columns in that table will be available in that row.

Usage of Simple type depends on ur requirement. u can have a button for adding new rows , its gud enough. for saving the data, what exactly is ur requirement? as soon as the new row is added in the table, its added in ur node as well. U can use JDBC, or webservice or BAPI to store the data, whichever suits u for ur requirement.



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Creating a table row dynamically is nothing but creating a node element in the node which you bind to the Table.

So in the Action of the button get the data,create the element,fill data in that element and finally add that element to the node.But make sure the table properties are correctly mentioned with appropriate values control the visible row count also dynamically by binding with suitable attribute.



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While creating dynamic rows and columns, you'll have to create attributes pertaining to your table size... For eg. If you have a 5x5 table then you need to create attributes for each of the table cells that are generated...If you want I can give u a sample code for the same...



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e.g. I have a table like this:

Activities | Dropdownlist | InputField | Dropdownlist

for every activity the 3 other columns are the same.

So I have maybe 3 activities (Act1, Act2, Act3).

Then have a button ("New activity"). With this button I want to add a new row in column 1, which can be named like "DataMigration". The other columns should be also created.