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Dynamic parallel processing in SAP S/4HANA flexible workflow

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We have an existing custom classic workflow for purchase order where the approval is based on multiple cost centers of line items. It uses dynamic parallel processing (par-for-each) using multiline element and a sub workflow 

In SAP S/4HANA in-premise flexible workflow, is it possible to achieve dynamic parallel processing if we create a custom workflow scenario? Would appreciate if any content or blog post is available. 

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My conclusion is that flexible workflow doesn't support the kind of dynamic parallell processing that you have in classic workflows, but you can have parallell processing for multiple approvers of a step in flexible workflow.

I see that you try to set a table of amount values, but that shoudn't work, you have to set a single amount in each task.
One of my conclusions is that the context is missing in parallel processing in flexible workflow - all the work items are "identical" except for the agent. So let's assume you have cost centers CC1 and CC2 in your case, when you get to your custom code there is no way to figure out whether the work item is for the owner of CC1 or the owner of CC2. The best you can hope for, if the agent is available (I didn't go this far) is to work your way back from the agent to the cost center and then determine the correct amount based on cost center(s) that person is responsible for.

This is very different from the classic workflow dynamic parallel processing where you would set a "driver element" and that element would be available in the container of your parallel work items (or workflows) to identify the context.

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Exactly @KjetilKilhavn. I also came to this conclusion. I checked you already had asked this similar question already. I checked the workflow log and the agent is not set at task container it shows. is not set unfortunately ,