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Dynamic links in Excel Output

Completely unfamiliar with Crystal Reports. I'm hoping it can help reduce the redump-and-repeat portion of the "dump to Excel, analyze, post journals, redump, re-analyze, repeat" accounting month-end process.

Is there any way for users to annotate a _dynamic_ copy of the output? See screenshot, below. I'd like to have columns A-I generated directly by CR, with column G annotated by remote users, so that I can refresh the CR report and retain / easily update the comments in column J.

I know that it can be done with Spreadsheet Server, but wanted to confirm it could be done with CR.

Many thanks!

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If the structure of the data remains the same (only the numbers change), then a third-party Crystal Reports automation tool can insert an excel export in an existing Excel template. See list of 3rd-party tools here.