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dynamic growing text in interactive form

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<b>Hi everyone</b>

I am working on interactive forms, i have some input text fields for which data is coming from R-3. but instead of its size to be dynamic I am not able to make it auto adjusting according to the data coming from R-3.

I have done few thing which were suggested to me.

<b>1) I wrapped text view in a subform

2) I set its property to flowed

3) lastly i checked expand to fit property in layout tab of the text view ( both in width and height )</b>

but still I am getting data overlap instead of dynamic adjusting of text !!!

Can anyone tell me wayout !!!

Thanks in advance<b></b>

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Hi Abhay,

For all the text fields there is 1 property called "allow multiple lines".select that property in object->field.U have set the "Expand to fit " property for that particular field.apart from that just set the "Auto fit" as true for the parent subform also.

The problem u r getting bcos according to the data,field is growing but the subform that contains the field is not growing.



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Hey Thanks a lot sumit

It worked !!

IT was problem with subform