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Dynamic Forecast Layout - How can I specify time ranges for my versions?

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Hello all,

In my table where I used the planning model I would like to display three versions: actual, forecast1 and forecast2 and be able to define the start date and end date for this two forecast versions. I used the following help as a starting point:

I have already set up properties in the model:

As far as I understood, in the past I should use the cross calculation + calculation input control + formula option to do it:

I guess at the moment the forecast layout should be used:

I would be more than grateful if somebody could help me with the following:

1) How should the formula FIND look like to be able to work on time ranges if I will use the cross calculation?

2) How should settings for a forecast layout look like if I will decide to do it in that way? I guess the formula would be the same as in the point 1) for forecast1 but what about the forecast2? I know that I can add additional versions, but I cannot really specified cut over date.

Thank in advance for helping me out.

Best regards,


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Currently you can only specify a cutover date and nr of periods to look back and look ahead.... I would also like to know if it is achievable somehow to use exact time ranges from version properties... here SAC definitely seems to miss functionality.