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Dynamic filter in UWL

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Hi everybody,

is it possible to create a filter for UWL with dynamic values? For example I want to build a filter, which proves whether the subject contains the username (of the current logged in portaluser) or not. I tried this, but it doesn’t work:


<CompoundExpression logicalOperation="OR" defaultViewFilter="no">

<Expression name="subject" value="{$UserName}" comparator="Contains"/>

<Descriptions default="Subject-User Filter"/>



The filter only takes the value as a string and not as a variable. Any ideas what's wrong or is it just not possible?

Thanks for help in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kondrad,

I understand your idea. You would like to be able to specify run-time data in the value attribute of the Expression Element of the AllowedFilters definition. This way you would achieve great flexibility, as in your example, if the Name is "Subject", the comparator is "Contains" and the dynamic value is $(UserName) then one would be able to filter for all tasks that have his or her name in the subject.

I am afraid that UWL does not support this. In the value attribute only literal values are accepted.

Here is a link for everyone interested of what is the current CompoundExpressions support.

Best regards,


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