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Dynamic data not getting populated correctly

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Hi Experts,

In my WDA's view u201CV_EDITu201D,

I am dynamically generating the dynamic dropdowns based on certain field u201CCOUNT1u201D from the table


I have two records in the table for the user u201CAGGARPA2u201D in database table z2ts_usersys :

System IDs (dropdowns in my view): u201CP18u201D , u201CFCRu201D for the first row .

System IDs (dropdowns in my view): u201CKPWu201D , u201CP4Au201D for the second row .

I am fetching data from the database table in my V_MYSUPER USER view .

Now on click of EDIT button , a new view V_EDIT opens , which has CLOSE button and DYNAMICALLY generated nodes , besides other data ,

Which is getting fetched properly.

first time data is fetched correctly.

On action of the u201CCLOSEu201D button , I am navigating to the V_MYSUPERUSER.

In my V_EDIT view , when I click on the close button and select the second row from the table in V_MYSUPERUSER view , the details are not getting fetched properly , second time .

Only two records , u201CKPWu201D and u201CP4Au201D which are there in table for the second row need to be shown .

But the error is that , it is showing the records for the first row as well .

On action of the u201CCLOSEu201D button , I tried to use the method u201Cremove_child_nodeu201D of the interface u201CIF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE_INFO u201C.

but it did not resolve the issue. Can any one help me out

thanks in advance.

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hi ,

I am providing a sample piece of code :

   ->CONCATENATE lv_node wd_this->count_sysdel INTO lv_node.
     >wd_this->count_sysdel = wd_this->count_sysdel + 1.

  >CALL METHOD lr_node_info->remove_child_node
     > name   = lv_node .

u can use the attribute count_sysdel for different ids , n lv_node is the name of the node