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Dynamic Crystal Report with Windows Server 2008

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I am creating a report through code with Crystal report on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I am executing the following command:


This is generating an error which is given below:

Error description: Logon failed

Details: [Database Vendor Code: -205]

But its working fine with Windows Server 2003.

Private Sub AddRptDatabase(a_CRReport As CRAXDRT.Report, a_sStartDT As String, _

a_sEndDT As String, a_sDept As String, a_sStatus As String)

Dim cnnRpt As ADODB.Connection

Dim cmRpt As ADODB.Command

Dim sSQL As String

Dim sWhere As String

Dim sTemp As String

Dim sTemp1 As String

sSQL = sSQL & sWhere & " Order by AdminData.RONumber"

Set cnnRpt = New ADODB.Connection g_objBA.LocalConnectionString

Set cmRpt = New ADODB.Command

cmRpt.ActiveConnection = cnnRpt

cmRpt.CommandType = adCmdText

cmRpt.CommandText = sSQL

'Create data set

a_CRReport.Database.AddADOCommand cnnRpt, cmRpt

Exit Sub

Please suggest some solution.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Moved to Legacy SDK forum.

CR XI R2 Service Pack 6 and Fix Pack 6.4 should work on Windows 2008. CR 2008 SP 2 and above also. Older version, no support for it.

CR is 32 bit, make sure the 32 bit client is installed and being used.

Thank you


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