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DWC Business Builder Authorisation Scenario on Consumption Model error code 257

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Hi all,

just tried to configure step by step SAP Modelling Guide to create an authorization scenario for a consumption model.

But if i try to apply the authorization scenario on a consumption model i am not able to save because of this error:


Correlation ID: f525bb90-489c-4d53-62c4-9ff50ed3fdcd
HTTP Status: 500 Internal Server Error
Error Code: 257
Technical Message: sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near "[": line 1 col 195 (at pos 195), Code: 257, SQL State: HY000


Based on the Demo Content I create a Data access control to restrict the employee table through Employee ID

I created 2 Business Entities Dimension Employee and an analytical dataset salesorders

applied on both business entities the authorization scenario and in the data preview everything is fine.

creating a consumption model and applying the scenario i'll get this error. Is this a bug or do i miss something.

thanks for advice greetings cornelius

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Answers (2)

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Hi Thomas,

yes the consumption model works fine without authorization. I tested the authorization scenarios on several different analytical datasets, this are the base for different consumption models, but each time different data sources and spaces the exactly same error occurs.

In the data builder based on a view the data access control is worling fine. I i check the authorization scenario in the analytical dataset preview, it is working fine.

Greetings Cornelius

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Hi Cornelius,

I guess you already have tested the consumption model without authorization to see if it is working in general? If yes, then your model is most likely correct. That would help to locate the occurrence of the error.