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DVMC Saving Potential for table COEP, MSEG

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Hello Experts,

I must curious to know the answer for the below interesting question.

We have implemented the Solution Manager DVMC tool for few production systems. After we setup the query and BPM to analyze the saving potential calculation for the few of the table as per the DVM Sizes growth below question applies.

The Saving potential for table COEP, MSEG (for system like 4.7 systems) says to do the deletion potential. For example, the table last analysis 146.149,000 and out of that the deletion potential = 146.093,987

So based on the saving potential, we want to make a strategy looking at the deletion potential operational possibilities. However, looking at the SAP standard best practice documentation, we see the table like MSEG and COES u201Cdeletion cannot be usedu201D which is quite contradictory towards the report result in the DVMC report for saving potential.

I believe, there should be some reason, the Table analysis says about the deletion potential for these tables. I must curious to know the reason for the same.

Can anybody also explain how we can use the DVMC report either for Saving Potential or archiving potential in the operational activity? Like after we find the result, according to deletion potential, which records to be deleted etc.



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Hello Shashi,

I wouldn't delete any table even if DVMC recommends so. I don't know your DB vendor but most of them (like DB2) offers table compression for saving spaces.

regards, Javier