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Duplicate Record problems with DTP Load of Master Data

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I am trying to perform a DTP Load from an R3 Datasource to an InfoObject. We have previously used the 3.x scenario, but I wish to enhance the transformation and so have created a new Transformation Rule and DTP.

The DTP relates to Equipment which is time-dependent. The DTP fails due to duplicate records.

There are duplicates in the PSA Error Stack, but this is because EQUIPMENT# 25000000101010 might have several records with different validity date ranges.

When I select the DTP Update option of "Handle Duplicate Record Keys", the DTP produces a shortdump with an ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT error.

From the Log:

Short text: Type conflict with ASSIGN in program "CL_RSDMD_UPDATE_MASTER_DATA===CP".

What happened? Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "CL_RSDMD_UPDATE_MASTER_DATA===CP" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

Source Code Extract The code seems to fall over here

113 " assign date values

>>>>> ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index_datefrom OF STRUCTURE <l_s_data> TO <l_datefrom>.

115 ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index_dateto OF STRUCTURE <l_s_data> TO <l_dateto>.

116 ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index_datefrom OF STRUCTURE <l_s_prev_data> TO <l_prev_datefrom>.

117 ASSIGN COMPONENT l_index_dateto OF STRUCTURE <l_s_prev_data> TO <l_prev_dateto>.


In my transformation, I assign the DATETO (not the DATEFROM). DATEFROM is available in the DataSource, but not as an attribute of the Characteristic

Should I be making DATEFROM an attribute of Equipment? This wasn't necessary in the old 3.x transfer rules/update rules.



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Hi again,

Problem solved. I realised that I don't want to add DATEFROM attribute to the InfoObject as this would mean multiple records for the one Equipment.

So I added a line to the Start Routine.


Now all is good.

I'm guessing that the Handle Duplicate Record Keys only works if you have DATEFROM and DATETO.



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Hi Adrian,

I'm facing similar type of problem with info object Equipment .When loading data from PSA via DTP the load fails becoz of Duplicate Records.So i have edited those error records and again executed them with the option as post process error records manually(wheel symbol with tick mark ) in the dtp monitor itself but the records are not getting updated ,again it is showing the same as error records.

Secondly i checked the option Handle Duplicate Records and loaded the data ,this is working fine .

So finally i want to know whether we can use this option -handle duplicate records r not or any code is required..

The same problem i faced with mat_unit_conversion master data source also.