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Duplicate File handling in Communication Channel

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Hi Experts,

We are trying to use Duplicate Handling in sender file communication channel for FTP. When we are trying access a file for once it is picking up.

After the successful processing the file it is throwing error for the second time on wards saying duplicate file. That is good for us.

The bad thing is starting from here when we place a new file it is not picking up that one. Still it is picking the old file only.

We configured the communication channel in test mode. So the old file is still there. Our requirement is not to delete the files.

Can any one tell us to solve this issue. It is very helpful to us. Is there any other way to handle duplicate files.

We don't want to maintain table in ECC regarding File Names. I went through few threads for Duplicate file Handling.

There might be some one went through this type of scenario. Please suggest what you guys have done to solve this issue.


Suhale Shaik.

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Hi Suhale,

I guess it's because you set "Test" mode and "Duplicate Handling" at the same time. Have you tested the combination of "Archive" and "Duplicate Handling"?

Try this:

1) set the mode to "Archive"

2) put file "xyz" to the folder

3) after it's processed, put it again to the folder. Duplicate handling should alert you and ignore this file

4) put another file "abc" in that folder. I expect this new file will be processed

If this is the case and SAP confirms this is the expected behavior, then you might have to use some other way to handle this file, with other systems.