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Dump error after migration.

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Dear Members,

The driver program for the smartfrom which I have created is throwing a dump error after migration to another server, please suggest me a solution.


Subhendu Gouda

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Hi Subhendu,

I feel you have called the smartform directly by its function module name as a result of which the driver program is throwing a dump error in another server. The reason is the name of the function module generated changes after the form is migrated to another server. You should use the function module 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME' and pass the smartform name to it's exporting parameter-

formname.Before this declare a variable(for eg func_name TYPE rs38l_fnam) and assign this to the importing parameter-fm_name. This parameter imports the name of the function module in the present system. Now you can make a function call by specifying the variable name inorder to call the smartform from the driver program.( Call function func_name).Smartforms should be called from the driver program using the above mentioned fm only. Please refer the documentation of the function module for further info.

Hope this will solve your problem.