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Duet Enterprise vs BO Integration Option for Microsoft Sharepoint u2013 IOMS

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Even if Duet Enterprise has been GA 2 months ago I have been reading a lot of document on this product.

One of the business scenario U have in mind is to expose BI/BW reports through the DUET Enterprise framework in Sharepoint.

In a recent presentation I have see a reference to Business Object Integration Option for Microsoft Sharepoint (IOMS).

It is not very clear how to position IOMS vs Duet Enterprise.

I know that Duet Enterprise can do much more than IOMS.

My question : assuming I have DUET Enterprise in my landscape what are the key business scenarios not covered by Duet Enterprise and covered by IOMS.

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I have the same question. Below is just my speculations.

As I understand it IOMS would give you WebParts as a replacement of InfoView.

Look at the screenshots here /people/amit.nagar3/blog/2009/10/21/product-screen-shots-integration-option-for-microsoft-sharepoint-software-10

So you would access both reports and have the possibilities to schedule new report instances.

However, I'm curious about if it's possible to use IOMS together with SharePoint workspaces and other SharePoint functionality.

Duet Enterprise does not support Business Objects at this point. However it supports BW reports and ALV reports. I think it's done by publishing the reports as documents in SharePoint.

The users can then use the report as any SharePoint document (creating versions, collaboration areas etc.)

Eventually when Duet Enterprise supports Business Objects, I wonder if you have the possibility to publish reports that can be refreshed, and in that case if the communication would go through the SCL layer, or directly to BO Universe.

I think IOMS would have the possibilities as in InfoView to schedule reports and do some other administrative tasks (the UserActions WebPart), that probably woun't be supported in Duet Enterprise.

Is this a correct understanding that Duet Enterprise will be the way to go if you'd like to use your BO reports (when it's supported) together with SharePoint functionality like collaboration etc. and IOMS would be the a replacement for InfoView and needed for power users or administrators?

Regards, Mikael Löwgren

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