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DTP Request ID for Selection Deletion

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Hello all,

I need to know the table that will give me the request ID in character (ex. DTP_4BLOS7K80HFGPZMT0O67LYACZ) from the Request ID numeric (ex. 179,230). I need this in order to compare the selection of the DTP execution for the routine to determine the request id to be deleted or not by the system after the load of a DTP request. I already have the numeric ID from the table RSBKSELECT where I will get my Selection Parameters for the execution. But in the Delete Overlapping Request routine, I have only the Alpha request ID (DTP_xxxx...). I need to have the link between those two in order to do the loop and find the information that I need.

I really need this information as soon as possible....thanks in advance !!!!


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Check table /BI0/SREQUID

Give your number as sid

Get requid as your (DTPR_XXXX..... ) rechar30 output.

It seems it is basically SID table of char 0REQUID. I could not find this char using RSD1, but got name of this char from query designer, then from se11, got the table name.

Hope this help you,