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DTP Problem

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I have a problem with the DTP.

I am trying to load  0SD_C05 cube with the data source 2LIS_11_VAHDR.

The problem is, after executing the DTP it says some errors like :

1. errors during processing

2. error while updating the target.

I am not sure about the field mappings. I just mapped some fields to the info objects with my knowledge.

And, I want to know that, these standard content info cubes are automatically mapped to the fields or is that to be done manually.

lastly, I am not sure about the Business content activation is done properly on not ?

How to check whether any Info Cube is activated or not from the BI content.

I think I can see those cubes like 0SD_C03, 0SD_C05 are there in the info provider menu in the DWH screen.

Please help me guys,

and sorry If my questions were not that clear as I am doing my first project trying to learn from the scratch .

Hope to get a reply soon.

thanks and regards,


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The error may be due to some mapping error in the transformation level.

0SD_C05 is a standard infocube activated from the business content. While doing so, the transformation mapping will also be activated along with it. If you want to check whether the flow for this cube is installed and activated properly then in Tcode RSA1 under 'BI Content' select the 'Grouping' as 'In Data Flow Afterwards' and 'Collection Mode' as 'Collect Automatically'. Now drag and drop the inforcube from the metadata repository to the right hand side window. When you drill down the cube, the infoobjects, DTP,TRXN,Datasource,IP will be displayed. If these are active then, there will be green status besides them under the acive version.



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Thanks for the reply Rohini

I have checked the cube in the same way you just told, but I can see only Info area, query element and info objects in the drill down menu of the info cube.

Is that really mean the cube is not installed properly ???

I selected the grouping function as in data flow afterwards but later, again checked with in data flow before and after then update rules are added additionally.

so in the both grouping options I cannot see the DTp's, IP's, TRXN's Datasource's .

Is that mean the infocube is not properly installed ??

if yes can I do the installation again..

please reply me asap.

thanks and regards,


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hello sunny,

dtp and info packages will not cum in the structure.We have 2 create our awn DTPs n IPs once our structre is ready.

While installation under BUSINESS CONTENT tab:

By taking Display mode as "list", u will cum to knw wat exactly u want to install. tick the required  and install.

u can take this cube as object type and set Grouping as "data flow before". Besides this, as mentioned above, take Display mode as "List".

u will have:

info area


info objects

info cube



data source replica

dso(if any)  etc........

u can tick mark the required areas.

But b4 doing all above, u shud have replicated the reqd. data srce for sure on BI side.



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You have mentioned that the Update Rules are visible in the flow, then it is a 3.5 flow. So you will not have DTP or TRXN in that. You will have Communication structure and Update rules instead of transformation.