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DTP load is too slow after converting the DSO Type

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     Hi Guys,

I have converted standard DSO to Write Optimized but after converting to "WO" DSO the DTP is taking long time say 7 hours to complete...but mainly getting stuck in the "End Routine " Transformation End. There are lot of lookups written in the end routine.

So again converted Write Optmized DSO to "Standard" but still the DTP load is taking 6-10 hrs to complete, not able to understand the routcause of the issue.

Could you pls if somebody has experience this issue kindly let me know.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Anotony,

How much time it was taking before you changed it to WO DSO?

Was it in mintues only....or previously also it was taking some hours!

Below are some points you can try out to decrease loading time:

1. Remove SID generation in DSO setting...(Never Create SID )

2. Optimize your code in end routine (Use field Symbols instead of work areas....)

3. Check the background process available in Sm50..... in DTP setting you can increase the process numbers.... open DTP -->goto--> Seeting for batch manager --> No of processes (increase it)