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DTP Datasource parameters noneditable after upgrade

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After we upgraded from HANA1.0 to 2.0 the lower level fields in datasource parameters are greyed out in displaymode.

Before upgrade, in Diplay DTP mode, we are able to select adaptor and dataformat. As we use adaptor from local workstation, we were able to select file from desktop, update the separaters etc. before executing the DTP.

However after upgrade, the lower level fields below adaptor and format are greyed out and non-editable.

As a result we cannot select file from desktop anymore for execution in display mode.

We have to go into change mode to select the file, re-activate DTP for execution each time.

Anyone faced the same issue after upgrade to HANA2.0? Any idea what caused this?

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Upgrade was from EHP3 FOR SAP SCM 7.0 to EHP4 FOR SAP SCM 7.0

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