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DSO tables name

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Hi .

Is there any table which contains DSO New , Active and Change log table names ?

Usefull answers would be rewarded.

Thanks , Brijesh

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Answers (2)

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Right click the DSO and go to manage screen.

Go to contents tab.

Here you can see all three tables (new, active and change log) at the bottom.

Click on one of then and on the top you should be able to see the table names.

Hope this helps.

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You can find the same in ODS manage contents.

Click on the table (new/active/change log)

for active table /BIC/AXXX00

XXX-ODS tech name.

New table /BIC/AXXX40

For change log look this thread.

Hope this helps.......



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Hi Ravikanth

My DSO name is DDLXIFLU..

so i can see

/BIC/ADDLXIFLU40 as New table

/BIC/ADDLXIFLU00 as Active Table

i can see Change log table name is : /BIC/B0000065000

Pls help

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Hi Brijesh,

You are right, if your DSO is DDLXIFLU

Active table /BIC/ADDLXIFLU00.

New table /BIC/ADDLXIFLU40.

And check your change log table.

You can check the contents in SE16.

Hope this helps...................