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DSO Problem

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Hi Guys

i have activated 0fi_GL_10 to get closing balance

i activated 0FIGL_o10 DSO and i displayed data in it but balances are not correct

some transaction in the ECC not found in the DSO

i created a Cube and extracted the data from the data source 0fi_gl_10 to the cube directly without DSO and displayed the data

it looks fine

so the problem seems to be with the DSO

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Hi Elhoussiny,

You can check the structure of your DSO because with AIE delta type we need to use the DSO, directly extracting data to cube is not the right approach.

If possible, you can share which fields you used as data fields and key fields in DSO.



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Hi Rashi

I am using The standard DSO 0FIGL_O10

I didnt change anything in it

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Dear Elhoussiny

If you are using the standard 0FIGL_O10 and you have mapped the keyfigures as overwrite then the balances has to be match.

You will have to do a little bit of exercise here. Find out which GL account is having mismatch. What is the difference of balance that you are getting in ECC and in the DSO. Check the value in PSA as well.

Based on that arrive where the issue is



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HI Gajesh

all balances are wrong

even P/L GL

there is some transaction in the ECC not reflected in the DSO side

seems like some transaction are overwritten

so how to solve it

i mean when i loaded data directly to the cube all balances were correct

so how can i discover the issue with DSO

one more thing i am using the standard DSO 0FIGL_O10

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Hi Elhoussiny,

Do one thing, 0FI_GL_10 supports loading for a particular period for a particular GL account. Clear all the data from PSA.  Load for one period and for one GL. Check the PSA data and then check the data in DSO after loading .  Make sure the 0Balance key figure mapping is overwrite and not summation in the transformation. Also make sure the currency type is not overwriting the data.

Also let me know the key fields that you are using in 0FIGL_O10.



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Check this link for the structure of DSO 0FIGL_O10

General Ledger (New): Transaction Figures (SAP Library - General Ledger Accounting (New))

You can first check the data in PSA before loading to DSO if it is correct or not.

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Hi Gajesh

i am using

Key Field





Company code


Fiscal year/period


G/L account


Functional area


Cost center


Reporting value type


Profit center


Segment for segment reporting


Fiscal year variant


Currency type


Valuation view


Currency key: Transaction currency


Unit of measure

and i have added the 0move_type as a key field

i have checked only 1 period and only 1 GL

i found that there is a debit transaction in the ecc not reflected in DSO side

i changed the period and checked the same GL

i found that the difference increased which mean that some other transactions not reflected in the DSO side

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Your DSO seems to be right. Can you confirm the mapping for your key figures are overwrite. For the same GL can you check in PSA what is the scheme of entries. And please note 0FI_GL_10 bring both currency types so hope that is not creating a confusion here.

How are you check in ECC. What is the tcode you are checking.



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Can you list the fields in the Data Field section.