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DSO Problem

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Hi Guys

i have activated 0fi_GL_10 to get closing balance

i activated 0FIGL_o10 DSO and i displayed data in it but balances are not correct

some transaction in the ECC not found in the DSO

i created a Cube and extracted the data from the data source 0fi_gl_10 to the cube directly without DSO and displayed the data

it looks fine

so the problem seems to be with the DSO

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The DataSource 0FI_GL_10 is type "After Image" and hence not designed to be used without a DSO.

If you are getting the right data in Cube when you do an extract but not the DSO then its obvious that the mechanism in the DSO is overwriting a few records. This points to the fact that the keys used to define the DSO are not adequate. You would need to move a few fields from Data Fields and convert them to Key Fields to ensure that the data is not overwritten in the DSO.

I hope this helps.



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Hi Siddhartha

thanks for your replay logically i totally agree with your words

but how can i determine which fields to be removed

one more thing is that i am using the standard DSO 0FIGL_O10

i didnt change anything in it