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DSO and infoCube

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hi gurus,

I have a doubt how data will flow in dso and infocube if we upload delta load of files.

Let me explain the scenario,

Assume I am uploading the file ds/psa to dso. the file consists of following infoobjects, customer no,material no,price,qty and revenue.we know the images in dso are new(N),before(x),after( ).

           file                     dso (image)                Cube

f1 c1 m1 100 2 200        c1 m1 100 2 200    (N)        c1 m1 100 2 200

in above f1 is file 1 consists of the above records that will be load in dso as above in dso column. on other hand if we extracted the data from ds/psa to cube the cube column gives the loaded data.

but my doubt is again i loading a file 2 which consists of one modified data and one new data how it will load i required detailed explaination with respect to image formation in dso. and secondly how it works when we loaded the file 2 to cube from ds/psa.

f2 c1 m1 100 5 500(modified)        ??????????                ???????

   c2 m2 200 4 800(new)        c2 m2 200 4 800(N)        c5 m2 200 4 800

thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Muthu Selvan,

          F1 FILE                                                 DSO                                    CUBE

C1   M1  100   2   200                                 C1   M1  100   2   200          C1   M1  100   2   200

         F2 FILE

C1  M1 100   5    500

C2 M2  200   4     800

Then        DSO                                                            CUBE

              C1  M1  100  5  500(Activedata table)             C1 M1 100   2  200

              C2  M2   200  4  800(Activedata table)            C1 M1  0      3  300

                                                                                 C2  M2 200  4  800

IF its is Full load it will take from Active Datatable if it is Delta  then it will take from change log table.

DSO has  overwrite functionality so thats why it overwrites new value in Active data table(Removes the old value). CUBE has Additive Functionaly so thats why C1 M1 100   2  200


                                                                                       C1 M1  0      3  300

                                                                                  =   C1 M1  100   5  500

AND F2 file new value  C2  M2 200  4  800.

I hope it will helpful to you.




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Thanks bhanu..

I am better understanding by your clear illustration.

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