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DS4.1 - Address Cleansing using Global Address Cleanse transform

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Hi All:

DS4.1 being used to extract data from SAP ECC, stage it and the staged data is used as source for global address cleansing transform. The output from the GAC transform seems to be inconsistent. For some countries the output is in English, and for some countries the output has some special characters in it. E.g. "São Paulo", "RHÔNE-ALPES", etc. Is there a possibility to convert these characters to proper English characters (without any accents)?

Appreciate your input on this.

Thanks, Arun J

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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You can use a search/replace function to convert any diacritical characters to the standard Latin1 character.  The Data Services blueprints offer an example of such a function.  It is a custom function named CF_RemoveDiacritcalCharacters.  See:

1263925 - Are Data Quality blueprints available? - Data Services

Hope this is helpful.



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Hi Paula,

Thanks for this. I believe this should work. 🙂

Arun J.

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