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DS error with HANA SP09

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we recently upgraded HANA to SPS09 rev.92 (that serves as target & source) and start receiving this error in DS:
Data flow XY s not support UPDATE FROM with this version of SAP HANA. Disable the“ Use input keys ”loader option or update to a newer SAP HANA revision.

The target HANA table has option "Use input keys" set to "Yes" in DS. If I switch it to "No' than it works, but it was set to "Yes" probably from some reason.

The table in HANA has primary key.

I tested it on DS version 4.2 SP1 and also 4.2 SP4. With combination of Hana Client (ODBC) and also 1.09.18087.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HANA 1.0 SP9 Revision 92 is not compatible with DS 4.2 SP1. It is supposed to be with DS 4.2 SP4 though (SAP Note 1600140).

Contact SAP support.

Use Input keys must be set to yes when your target table has no primary key defined but needs to be updated in the data flow.

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