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DS 4.2 SP5 connect to Hive error

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we are using DS 4.2 SP5,with the Hive adapter,we try to connect our dataservice to Hive, however when I created the data store,there is an error occure,"Could not open connection to jdbc:hive2://elcndc2saplt01t:10000/: Connection refused"

11/18/15 8:02:09 AM     Cannot start session. com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterException: An error occurred when connecting to Hive: Could not open connection to jdbc:hive2://elcndc2saplt01t:10000/: Connection refused

         at com.acta.adapter.hiveadapter.HiveSession.start(

         at com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterRunnerImpl.processStartSession(

         at com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterServiceDataListener.handleBrokerMessage(

         at com.acta.brokerclient.BrokerClient.handleMessage(

         at com.acta.brokerclient.BrokerClient.access$100(

         at com.acta.brokerclient.BrokerClient$

         at com.acta.brokerclient.ThreadPool$

Please help ~~~~~~

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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problem solved by starting the hive service............

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