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DS 1.5 SP1 - Property binding and display of non-compounded key

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Hi all,

we use property binding feature in DS 1.5 SP1 to populate dropdown boxes. Within the "source" section there is the "Member Display" property. This can be set to "Text", "Key", "Text and Key" and "Key and Text".

Unfortuantely, I do not find an option, where to say, that I want to have the non-compounded key instead of the full compounded key.

We use BW-queries as data sources.

Any idea, if newer releases of Design Studio would for this?

Best regards,

Philipp Hinnah

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Philipp - you can take a look at the attachment for this SAP Note and it will show what is supported in 1.6 / 2.0 -

Can you share an example of a non-compounded key? I am not sure I follow (or perhaps not enough coffee yet this morning) 🙂