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Dropdown list behind the taskbar

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I noticed today that drop down is shown behind the taskbar, except when the window is of response type :

Not very user-friendly, is there something to do ?

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Hi Guillaume;

  Yes,I have seen this behaviour as well the odd time. Its normally not a problem for the application user if they can just drag their application window a little higher. BTW: I can get the same issue with IE or Firefox on various web applications that do this as well.

Suggestion: An easy fix for the application user for PB and other various applications that can be affected like this is to ask the user to set the task-bar into "auto-hide" mode. This easy change seems to alleviate the issue for my clients .....

Regards ... Chris

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Hi Chris,

That would probably be our answer if a customer complains.

I think that dropdowns should always be on top, like they are on response windows.

Thanks anyway.


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I've run into these screwy UI issues many times.  Price you pay for developing MS Windows apps