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Drop Down Menu Web Dynpro ABAP

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Hello everybody,

I want to develop a ABAP Web Dynpro with a Drop Down Menu.

In the Context is a new bend it called DROPDOWN. Under this bend there is an Attribute called carrid. The Attribute is type of the dictionary field spfli-carrid.

In the features of the drop down UI I bind the attribute carrid to the ID selecktedKey.

If I start the application the following mistake come true:

Context-Pfad DROPDOWN.CARRID kann nicht aufgelöst werden (letzter Knoten leer)? Arufhierarchie war:
Method: HAN

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Kind regard


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Hi Axel,

The selected key represents the currently selected value of a DropDownByKey.

(a) In case you want to actually save the value of the currently selected entry to this context attribute, you need to set the cardinality of the node 1:1 and switch on "InitializeLeadSelection". For a DropDownByKey you need to supply the values of the dropdown as a value set to the context attribute in question.

(b) In case you want to supply the content of the dropdown from the content of this node, please use a DropDownByIndex and bind the "texts" property to this attribute.

Best regards,